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Business Coach and EOS ® Implementer

I'm not a business consultant.  I provide business coaching, using the tools from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (called EOS ®), a proven system with a set of straightforward business tools and a simple process to align all the components of your business - to produce the results you want.

[Read more FAQs on EOS ®, The Entrepreneurial Operating System].

What can I do for your business

I help good established small to mid-size companies to grow to exceptional companies, by training and coaching their leadership in a simple proven system to:

  • streamline and simplify their businesses,
  • improve morale,
  • increase productivity,
  • considerably raise the efficiency level,
  • and become the company they always wanted to be.

And I guarantee it. See the guarantee.

The kinds of companies I coach

First, it doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Because of my extensive background in small business, I work best with established businesses, typically $2 - 50 million dollar companies with anywhere from 10 to 100 employees.  They must be open-minded and wanting to help their organization reach its full potential.  While I am located in the Capital Region of Albany, NY, I have clients all around the United States.

How a business coach is different than a business consultant

Business consultants work heavily in your business, side by side, for months at a time. That can work well when you need someone to do that, or when you need someone with specific expertise (HR, finance, etc.).

Typically, as an business coach and EOS ® Implementer, I work with a client for up to two years, but not on a daily or weekly basis.  The truth is, some times the answers to a company's issues aren't in adding more complexity to your business with many consultants.  Rather, the answers are right there in your leadership team.  My job is to introduce the tools, to facilitate the leadership discussions, and to help hold the team accountable to working the system. Over my time with you, you may see me physically for only 8-12 sessions or total days.  If in the meantime you feel you want or are able to stop using me, there's no contract to break.  I firmly believe that if I'm not adding value to your company, then I'm just adding cost.

business coaching

Time to talk?

Talk with me about your business. Feel free to contact me. Or, just give me a call at (518) 928-1265.

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