Marketing Consulting

Does your marketing need a little help or guidance?

Dave helps you manage your marketing, and gets the stuff done, too

Finally be empowered to fix the 50% of marketing that isn't working to bring you sales.

Need someone to help you manage your marketing - to be  your marketing counselor, on your side?  To cut through the chaff (some say b.s.) that you hear from marketing agencies, web designers, and ad sales people?  Maybe you need someone to look at what you've already got - whether it's a review of your current website, online marketing, or traditional advertising - and then running it against actual results and your budget.

Or maybe you're the one who's gotten fed up with your current vendors - your website guys who aren't responsive, your marketing agency who you think might be overcharging, or the media or "SEO" salespeople who tell you they have the greatest offer but that you must act now.  You need someone who can look at these things on your behalf, and help you make the right decisions. Or even someone who can get it done for you.

Why Dave?

Having owned the Capital Region's largest web design firm and one of its largest marketing agencies,  Dave has a really good handle on what works and what doesn't.  He knows the tools, the strategy, the process, how much things cost, and who does the best tactical and branding work, too. He knows their secrets. Let him share them with you.

The kinds of companies Dave works with

Dave has consulted with some of the region's best known brands, including Bennett Contracting, Best Cleaners, Imperial Pools, Homestead Funding, Alpin Haus
and Hoffman Car Wash/ Jiffy Lube.  He's worked with hundreds of companies in dozens of different industries to get the brand or message out, and to get them business.

Most small to larger small businesses don't have a full-time dedicated marketing person - just someone responsible for it.  Sometimes it's the owner or general manager.  Or an administrative assistant who knows a thing or two about social media.  Even when a business has a full time marketer, sometimes they have strong experience in one area or two, but not as much in others.  These are all the people Dave works with - never against.

What he can do for your marketing

If you need help within any of these areas, Dave might be your guy:

  • Current marketing plan metrics or analysis
  • Digital marketing strategy (marketing via the web)
  • Marketing RFP development (From scope to vendor selection)
  • Marketing project management
  • Website development
  • Inbound Search marketing:  SEO, PPC, content development, online ads
  • Small Business Automation selection (CRM and inbound applications like Hubspot)
  • Analyzing "marketing deals" or working with current vendors


Time to talk?

Talk with Dave about your marketing. Feel free to drop him an email, and he'll respond quickly. Or, just give him a call at (518) 928-1265.

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